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Long Range Scope
Long Range Scope
The Long Range Scope found in DayZ.
Category AttachmentsOptics and sights
Required slots 2 (2 x 1)
Attaches to Mosin 9130
Dispersion modification -0.0003
Melee range {{{melee range}}}
Swing time {{{swing time}}}
Location(s) ResidentialMilitary
Rarity Uncommon
Class name(s) attachment_optic_longrange
Absorbency 0%
Rifle scope with variable zoom. Factory default zeroed to 200m and manually adjustable to 800m.

The Long Range Scope is an optics attachment for the Mosin 9130.


The Long Range Scope can be attached to the Mosin 9130 rifle to aid in long range engagements. It occupies two inventory slots across. It can be zeroed from 200m to 800m.[1]

The Long Range Scope can be rarely found inside Military buildings like barracks and control towers as well as Residential buildings.[2]

Image gallery

Long Range Scope A Long Range Scope in pristine condition.


  • The condition of the scope does not affect accuracy.
  • This scope can only be attached to the Mosin 9130.

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