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Loot refers to any items that can be found at loot spawn locations, or on entities that drop loot when killed in DayZ.

Players can store loot in the inventory spaces on their clothing, in their backpacks and in different kind of containers.


There are several different types of loot based on where they can be found and what can be found.


Residential, or civilian, loot is the most abundant loot type encountered and makes up the basic food, drinks, clothing, equipment including backpacks and other supplies found in-game.

Residential loot can be found inside houses, office buildings, schools, cafés and other places.


Industrial loot, like residential loot, is also very abundant and includes tools, melee weapons and other supplies.

Industrial loot can be found at industrial areas like warehouses, construction buildings, tool sheds and so forth, but its rare to find. Due to the feature of not being able to cut down wood and make wooden sticks is a journey yet to finish.


Farm loot is like a combination of residential and industrial, it can comprise of food and drink, as well as low-tier weapons, ammunition and other supplies.

Farm loot can be found side barns, stables and similar areas.


Military loot is the most valuable and least abundant. It includes high-tier weapons, attachments, ammunition, equipment and other sought-after valuables.

Military loot can be found in military buildings like Barracks, Command centers, control towers, hangars and the like.


Medical loot is very valuable and every survivor should have at least basic medical supplies with him.

Medical loot can be mainly found in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Guard Houses and Medical Tents but some of the Medical loot can spawn in buildings belonging to other loot types.


Loot may also be found in other unique structures military-style loot in deer stands, food, drink and supplies inside supermarkets and so on.

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