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Lukow Airfield is the only airfield in the Nadbór region of Livonia.

General[ | ]

Lukow Airfield was a military installation as well as an airfield, as indicated by its signage and facilities. The runway itself is approximately 1 kilometer long, with a parallel taxiway and apron complete with a Service Hangar, ATC Tower, and military encampment. Its name refers to the nearby village of Lukow.

Since the 1.19 update quarantine tents have been re-added to the hangers of the airfield, as well as the presence of a permanent gas zone located in and around the airfield.

Although no confirmation can be made, it is theorised that the Lukow airfield may have been the location where the infection originated in the Biela Valley region, and may have been ground zero for the infection, as seen by the quarantine tents inside one of the hangers and gas zone, which were theorised to have been used to quarantine and treat infected passengers, it is also theorised by the permenant gas zone, which may have been used in an attempt to terminate and stop the infection in the region, however this clearly was a futile attempt, as the entirety of the Biela Valley now lies in ruins to the infection.

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