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The M1025, also known as the Humvee, is a vehicle in DayZ. It is referenced in the files as Offroad_02.

General[ | ]

The M1025 is extremely rare as only a maximum of three can exist on an official server at one time. The M1025 has exceptional off-road capabilities and, with the exception of the windows, is bullet resistant to most small calibers.

Unlike other vehicles, the M1025 has an automatic gearbox meaning that no manual shifting of gears is necessary.

Triphazard1 CAUTION: Vehicles are known to be buggy and 'fly off' on high-population servers.

Vehicle Parts[ | ]

The following 'Engine' and 'Chassis' parts are necessary for an operational M1025:

The 'Body' parts are optional, but recommended for the safety of the occupants and its function:

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