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M9A1 Bayonet
M9A1 Bayonet
The M9A1 Bayonet found in DayZ.
Category AttachmentsBayonets
Required slots 2 (1 × 2)
Attaches to M4A1
Bleed chance 100%
Blood damage -20
Dispersion modification 0.0001
Health damage -20
Melee range {{{melee range}}}
Shock 10
Swing time {{{swing time}}}
Location(s) ResidentialMilitary
Rarity Uncommon
Class name(s) attachment_bayonet_m9a1
Absorbency 0%
A mult-purpose knife and bayonet used by the military that can be attached to military rifles with a bayonet lug. Features a 7-inch (18 cm) blade.

The M9A1 Bayonet is a bayonet attachment for the M4A1 assault rifle in DayZ.

The M9A1 Bayonet can be used to open canned food without a pull tab, like baked beans, so they may be eaten.[1]

The M9A1 Bayonet can also be attached to the barrel end of a military rifle. This allows it to be used as a melee weapon that has extended range over using a knife in the hands and while also allowing the user to fire their weapon.

The M9A1 Bayonet may become blunt if it is repeatedly used. Using a worn bayonet to open canned food can result in the loss of some food by spillage.

Game history

The M9A1 Bayonet is non-functional while attached on weapons in update 0.30.114008 and in prior updates. The use of the bayonet as a melee weapon on a gun is a feature to be implemented in future updates.

Image gallery

M9A1 Bayonet A pristine M9A1 Bayonet.

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