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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Machete.

Category Weapons > Melee
Type Blade
Repairable With Sharpening Stone
Size 1x4 (4 Slots)
Weight 500 g (1.1 lb)
Fragility 0.1%
Absorbency 0%
Type Normal Heavy
Health 15 25
Blood 100 100
Shock 20 27
Standing Sprinting
Range 1.4 3.3
Bleed Chance 100%
Locations Farm
Rarity Common
Variants Crude Machete, Oriental Machete
Surprisingly sharp large machete. It is basically a big knife. Very useful for self-defense. — In-game description

The Machete is a bladed melee weapon DayZ.

The Machete is a versatile melee weapon that has a secondary use as a general purpose tool. It is found in residential and hunter areas across both Chernarus and Livonia and favoured by many for its great durability.

Although the Machete does have several different beneficial uses, it also has multiple shortcomings when compared to other melee weapons. The Machete has a relatively short attack range, meaning players will have to close the distance between themselves and their target to land effective blows. The Machete also deals meagre damage which, combined with its average swing time, means that it has a poor overall damage output.

Uses[ | ]

Action Details
Cut Rags Cut various articles of clothing into rags
Open Can Open canned food. Spills 0% - 20% of the food
Cut Sticks Chop down shrubs and bushes for sticks
Cut Bark Cut bark from trees
Dig Worms Dig up worms to use as fishing bait
Remove Restraints Remove certain types of restraints from players
Skinning Skin and quarter dead animals or players for meats, pelts and other resources
Suicide Commit suicide.

Notes[ | ]

  • The Machete consumes 4 inventory spaces.
  • The Machete can be repaired with a Sharpening Stone.