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Camp Metallurgist (Russian: Металлург, Metalurg) is a large summer camp in South Zagoria. It is located on the banks of a large reservoir created by Tishina Dam, itself located a short distance south. Prior to the outbreak, the site was operated by the TEC corporation.

General[ | ]

The site is situated in a large valley formed between the mountain of Bolshoy Kotel to the west and the two hills Kikimora and Koman to the east. The Calm River flows from the north past the camp into a large reservoir, offering occupants something reminiscent of a relaxing seaside escape. This riverfront makes the camp easily visible from the base of Kikimora and other surrounding forested areas, something prospecting survivors should be aware of before looting the resort. The camp is centred around a central pub, with an extensive beer garden to its rear. Past the main gate but before the nucleus of the camp are two grass volley ball courts and a small car park - lucky survivors may be able to find a functioning Ada 4x4 here.

Due to the prevalence of high-end hunting gear, many survivors stop here to equip themselves in their journeys north on the way to locations such as Myshkino and Tisy Military Base.

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