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The Military Barracks are buildings that were used pre-outbreak to accommodate military and paramilitary units of Chernarus. Namely, the Chernarussian Defence Forces. Their presence in DayZ Standalone is mostly within the bounds of Military Bases and other facilities.

They often hold Military loot, including weapons, ammunition, backpacks and military clothing.

These areas are notorious for bandit activity due to its high loot spawn rates. Unarmed survivors can quickly gear up in these areas; however, it must be noted that the high amounts of loot in this area make them a target for snipers and bandits.


There is a multitude of different barrack types, with their design being hinged on their actual functionality.


These barracks have a simple and singular purpose; to accommodate small platoons of CDF troops. They are all constructed with a single story and are known for their reliability and abundance within military camps.

Officer's Barracks[]

 Main Article: Officer's Barracks

These are the more temporary fixtures, found at non-permanent locations such as the facilities at Balota Airstrip and the trainyard at Zelenogorsk. It is an army-green metal quonset hut with a single door and window. It is the smallest of the barracks, and has a similar loot capacity.
QuonsetHut NewA.png
QuonsetHut NewB.png
Floors 1
Entrances 1
Rooms 1

Single-Room Barracks[]

 Main Article: Single-Room Barracks

An open foundation with bunk beds that line each wall and lockers next to each.
Barracks1 1.png
Barracks1 int.png
Floors 1
Entrances 1
Rooms 1

Narrow Barracks[]

 Main Article: Narrow Barracks

The earliest accommodation design, with a washroom at the front and three individual quarters.
Barracks2 int.png
Floors 1
Entrances 1
Rooms 4

L-Shaped Barracks[]

 Main Article: L-Shaped Barracks

A large barrack with a corridor, three bedrooms, and a toilet. Known for its rectangular protrusion where the entrance is situated.
Barracks4 1.png
Barracks4 int.png
Floors 1
Entrances 1
Rooms 5


These barracks differ from the conventional shape and size and seen in the latter. Their usage history can also differ from the norm.

Military Prison[]

 Main Article: Military Prison

These buildings are similar in shape and pattern to the ATC Towers, has room to house soldiers; contains an office, quarters upstairs, and a holding cell - where it gets its name.
MilPrison 1.png
MilitaryPrison Interior.png
Floors 2
Entrances 1
Rooms 3

Two-Storey Barracks[]

 Main Article: Two-Storey Barracks

Exclusive to Vybor Air Base, these barracks are large, rectangular concrete structures, which are often sought after for their close-quarters combat and their favorable loot yield. They contain multiple bedrooms and entrances.
Barracks6 2.png
Barracks6 int.png
Floors 2
Entrances 7
Rooms 14

Regimental Barracks[]

 Main Article: Regimental Barracks

This design of barrack is present at the Tisy and Kamensk military bases, and is known for its interesting design. The building itself is a run-down, two-storey building with shattered windows and many bedrooms which have been overturned.
TisyBarracks 2.png
TisyBarracks int.png
Floors 3
Entrances 3
Rooms 10


Military Barracks can be found in the following locations:


Military Bases:


  • The windows inside the barrack are bulletproof. It is unknown whether this is a bug or intentional.
  • The windows inside the Four Room Barracks are bulletproof. It is unknown whether this is a bug or intentional.
  • The Yellow Regimental Barrack was originally exclusive to Tisy's military base, up until 0.63 when Kamensk received it in place of underground removals.

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