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Main Borek View

A view of one of Borek's main military areas, which includes two 3 different types of barracks, a cargo container in the middle, and two different small industrial buildings.

Borek[ | ]

Borek is one of Livonia's larger military settlements, along with Swarog, Nadbor Military, and a few others.

General[ | ]

ADA Spawn Borek

An image of the Ada 4x4 spawn within the city.

Borek boasts a large variety of different types of military, civilian, and industrial loot, and is also home to multiple vehicles spawns - including an Ada 4x4, Sarka 120, and M3S spawn. Filled with many military buildings, it makes it an ideal spot to visit after spawning and obtaining Food and Drink, and perhaps a basic firearm, especially because of its main road connection to the neraby spawning city of Tarnow - a large civilian city. Because of this, however, and also because of the abundant amount of military buildings and loot, the area suffers from high traffic, and you're likely to run into other players - especially on servers with a high population.

The area is also prone to being gassed, and turned into a temporary Contaminated Zone as a result.