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Military Base (Pavlovo)
Военная база (Павлово)
MilitaryBasePavlovo map.png
CategoryLocations > Military Bases
Grid Reference021 119
Pav mil 3.png
A View of Military Base (Pavlovo)

The Military base (Pavlovo) refers to the military base located in the woods just to the south-east of the town of Pavlovo.


The Pavlovo area facility is a decent sized military installation, home to one of the few full-fledged Hospitals in the region. It has all the usual military base buildings including four barracks. It is usually looted by travelers heading north towards Zelenogorsk and on to the International Airfield. Access to the compound is blocked by fences, with two road access points located to the north-east and west of the base. It also features a small (military) and no-building gas station, with only one fuel pump.

Buildings of Interest