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Pavlovo Military Base
CategoryMilitary Bases
Loot Tier2
Grid Reference021 119

Pavlovo Military Base is a medium-sized military installation in the south-west of Zagorie, situated between the villages of Pavlovo to the north-west and Kamenka to the south.


Nestled in a shallow valley surrounded by the thick forests of the Zelenogorsk area, Pavlovo Military Base can be easily located by following the paved roads north of either Kamenka or Komarovo, or alternatively the southern and eastern roads out of Pavlovo. Survivors will most likely be able to catch glimpses of the watchtowers sited along base's perimeter fence before they encounter either of the main entrances.

The facility is spread-out and host to a vast variety of building types, all surrounded by an extensive outer perimeter fence encapsulating a central compound and small industrial/military storage area. Included within the main compound are two military barracks, eleven workshops, an office complex and a hospital - one of six in the entire region. The storage area contains another single-storey barracks and a further four workshops.

The base is a popular destination for survivors migrating along the south-western coastal region, being the first in a series of military bases stretching from Pavlovo to Vidy.


As of 1.14 experimental, Pavlovo Military Base and has become contaminated with an unknown airborne agent - a full NBC suit and gas mask are needed to explore the area.

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