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Tisy Military Base
Category Military Bases
Loot Tier 4
Grid Reference 013 011

Tisy Military Base is a large military facility located atop the Vidy plateau in the foothills of the Black Mountains, approximately 4km south of the Russian border, in the extreme north of the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria. The base lends its name from the small village of Tisy situated roughly 1.6km to the north-east.



Tisy Military Base was constructed under Soviet rule initially as a surface-to-air missile and radar base, as evidenced by the large radar building and various mobile radar platforms. [1]

The facility, like all other military installations in South Zagoria, was inherited by the Chernarussian Defence Forces upon the dissolution of the USSR.[2]


During the Outbreak, the base was the site of the last stand of the CDF and AN against the infected in South Zagoria. The base's facilities were enhanced with a huge military camp in the woods to the south of the main installation, presumably to accommodate the aforementioned AN and possibly foreign forces sent to the region to help contain the outbreak. Due to the collapse of organised military resistance in the region, Tisy Military Base is entirely overrun with infected, with various buildings in the base, such as the HQ, mess hall and radar building, succumbing to a general lack of maintenance.


Tisy Military Base can be split into 9 distinct sections:

  • Firing Range
  • Barracks
  • Administration Area
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Radar Platforms
  • Camp
  • West Entrance
  • Radar Building

Firing range[]

The firing range constitutes a compound appended to the north of the base, consisting of a Quonset hut, regimental barracks and an industrial workshop; to the rear of the barracks is the range itself, approximately 500 metres long.


Administration Area[]



Radar Platforms[]


West Entrance[]

Radar Building[]



  • Tisy is based-off of a real life surface to air missile & radar base built by the Communist Czechoslovakian government during the Cold War. It had missiles that would launch from the complex as well as bring down incoming missiles from the opposing western countries; the base's name in the real world is "Dobříš" or known by its nickname "Klondike"[3].