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This article refers to the Chernarus terrain only. For the Livonia variant, see Livonia:Military Bases.

Military Bases are former military facilities that have been abandoned around the Chernarus+ map. Each base is unique in its number of buildings, type of buildings, and layout; some are separate areas like the military base near Pavlovo and others are integrated into a city like the one at Zelenogorsk.

Be careful not to confuse these bases with Military Camps. Where the camps consist entirely of different types of tents, bases are made up of larger permanent structures like Prisons and Barracks. In addition to the dedicated bases, there are also other facilities which demand a structured military presence similar to that of the bases, such as Prison Island.


Military Bases.png

Military bases and other facilities as they are numbered on the map above:

Military Bases[]

Other Facilities[]


Some buildings are attributed to military bases due to their presence in said locations, such as:


These areas are characterized by a concentration of general military loot, with attachments, some backpacks, and often even medical supplies. Don’t forget to search the guard towers around military bases because they often have ammo, magazines, vests, and attachments. They rarely contain a firearm.