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This article refers to the Chernarus terrain only. For the Livonia variant, see Livonia:Military Bases.

Military bases are abandoned facilities previously used to accommodate and store personnel and equipment of the Chernarussian Defence Forces. These facilities can often be easily identified by a combination of green military watchtowers, barracks and military prisons.

In South Zagoria, military bases are primarily found in the west and come in a varied variety of compositions; aside from the military base in Zelenogorsk, all military facilities in the region are located outside of settlements, usually in remote areas of countryside.

Military bases should not be confused with military camps, which are primarily composed of military tents and other temporary fixtures. Military camps are often found near or in major settlements and were likely erected by the CDF in the early stages of the outbreak.

Various military bases have been added and removed from the ChernarusPlus map during the development of DayZ. In the initial 0.28 release, all three military airbases at Vybor, Krasnostav and Balota from the original Arma 2 Chernarus map survived the transition to ChernarusPlus, along with the previously unenterable facility at Green Mountain; in addition to these Arma 2 holdovers, new facilities were added outside of Pavlovo, Vybor and in Zelenogorsk town. Later changes would replace the airbases at Krasnostav and Balota with civilian airfields. Two new facilities would be added in the extreme north of the map to compensate - a radar base outside Tisy and an overgrown military base outside Kamensk.


Military bases as they are numbered on the map above:

1) Pavlovo Military Base
2) Zelenogorsk Military Base
3) Green Mountain Military Base
4) Veresnik Military Base
5) Vybor Air Base
6) Tisy Military Base
7) Kamensk Military Base


Military bases are characterized by a concentration of general military loot, including attachments, firearms, military grade backpacks and in some cases medical supplies.


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