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This military camp is located in a clearing directly west of Myshkino.

General[ | ]

Tucked away at the far western edge of Chernarus, this military encampment is a particular place of interest for survivors looking for high-end gear. It is quite a trek from most other locations, and the geography of the valley in which it sits makes it an especially treacherous area to be in. The camp can be covered from all sides, but the thick forest in the west makes keeping an eye on things difficult.

Similarly to the Evacuation Site (Staroye), it is highly likely that this military camp was set up to be a regional field headquarters, possibly the very command center for evacuation operations across the entire oblast. The sheer abundance of tents points to a high volume of military personel having been stationed here and the fact that an old Medical Tent used to be propped up in this camp suggests that the Myshkino military camp was stocked with supplies to specifically combat infections.

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