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Military Convoy - Pogorevka

Wrecked military convoy east of Pogorevka.

Military Convoys are dynamic Vehicle Wrecks consisting of various military vehicles, found throughout the roads of Chernarus and Livonia.

General[ | ]

Military Convoys contain modest amounts of military loot, with some being able to spawn high tier military equipment such as the AUR A1, LE MAS and the LAR. This makes these wreckages valuable as survivors can obtain military-grade equipment without needing to visit military bases or camps, which are often dangerous locations due to being popular among bandits and/or being Contaminated Zones that require the use of specific equipment to safely enter and traverse.

Much like Helicopter Crash Sites, these convoys appear at random, predetermined locations. Additionally, military Infected spawn around these convoys, so they should be taken care of before looting the wreckage. In Livonia, these convoys have a chance to spawn a unique military infected, identifiable by their hip holster, that carries a Punched Card, the item necessary to access the underground bunker in Dambog.

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  • Added in patch 1.19

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