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This page contains information about an item or mechanic of DayZ Standalone that has been previewed or found in the files.
This information does not apply to the current Stable or Experimental versions of the game.

Mini Uzi
Version 1.02
Category Weapons > Ranged
Type Submachine Gun
Cartridge 9x19mm Rounds
Repairable With Gun Cleaning Kit
Size Unknown
Weight Unknown
Absorbency 0%
Internal Magazine 1-Round (Chambered Round)
Fire Modes Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
Range Low
Rate of Fire Very-High (950 rounds/min)
Zeroing 50m - 200m (Hip-Fire/Iron Sights)
Magazines Uzi Magazine
Muzzles Uzi Suppressor
Location "Unknown"
Rarity Unknown
... — In-game description

The Mini Uzi is a type of weapon in DayZ Standalone. It has not yet been implemented. A preview was posted to the DayZ Trello board on February 13, 2016.


The Mini Uzi is a smaller version of the regular Uzi, first introduced in 1980. It has a greater automatic rate of fire of 950 rounds per minute due to the shorter bolt.


  • The gun seems to be an exact copy of the Israeli Mini-Uzi