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Item Slots100
Weapon Slots6
Backpack SlotsN/A
Top Speed250 km/h
NoiseVery Loud
Tank Capacity400 L
Location(s)International Airfield

The Antonov An-2 (NATO calling name Colt) is a Soviet single-engine biplane utility/agricultural aircraft. It was also widely used by the armed forces of the Soviet Union and it's allies, often as an improvised bomber. It is still in use today around the world.

The An-2 was introduced in the DayZ patch.

To completely repair (green status) a broken An-2 Biplane (red status) you will need:

Part Amount
Scrap Metal 1
Windscreen Glass 0

The AN-2 spawns at the North-West airfield, inside one of the hangers at the northern end of the airfield, or in the Eastern hanger at the NEAF. It spawns in flyable condition, needing only fuel to be airworthy. Although the AN-2 is easy to fly and fast, it is difficult to land, and many players will simply eject from the aircraft and let it crash into the ground. There is also little point to landing it in the first place, as there are few areas on the map large enough to allow take-off and landing, and most of them are frequently visited by Players, meaning it is unlikely that the plane will remain where it was left for long.

With some practice, the AN-2 makes an extremely effective suicide bombing vehicle, for taking out Snipers or groups of players. Come down on your target from above, and aim slightly higher than what you are trying to hit.

The AN-2 can take off at a incredible short length. It's stall speed is also very low. With full flaps, stall speed is about >48 kmph. If you use this to your advantage, you are able to land in about 300 m or less. The an-2 biplane needs about 1000 - 3000m too slow down to landing speed from cruise speed. So plan your approach and don´t expect to just drop full flaps, lower the nose and land.

The AN-2 can be pushed backwards if it is stuck and does not have room to turn around. Look for "Push AN-2" in the action menu while looking at the point where the wings connect to the fuselage, from the front.

The AN-2 can be though of as the airborne equivalent of the Bus.

The AN-2 can be found at NWAF located north west of the map, or at the NEAF in the North-East of the map.