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Animals are found in fields and forests. Some animals are easily killed with a single bullet. A killed animal can be gutted with a Hunting Knife, providing Raw Meat. Raw meat can then be turned into Cooked Meat using a Fireplace.

Dead animal bodies despawn automatically after 2 minutes.

Animals that can be found are:

Animal type Quanity of meat Total blood points (raw) Total blood points (cooked)
Mod:Rabbit 2 meat 200 blood 1000 blood
Chicken 2 meat 200 blood 1000 blood
Goat 4 meat 100 blood 400 blood
Boar 4 meat 150 blood 400 blood
Sheep 4 meat 100 blood 400 blood
Cow 6 meat 100 blood 600 blood

Eating raw meat significantly lowers the amount of blood regenerated and run the risk of contracting an infection.


Dogs were added in the briefly in DayZ 1.7.3, however they have since been removed in the latest version ( to be reworked. They were never re-added.

A code review[1] performed by Redditor sqseven indicates the following will be possible:

  • Dogs were be controlled by the player by whistling. Slow down, wait, call back, etc. were all be controlled by different whistles.
  • Players had have to feed them raw steaks and water.
  • Dogs appear to be able to track and warn their owners by barking or growling.
  • More info and videos.