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see also: Map

Interactive Maps[]

  • All residential, industrial, and military buildings. All deer stands, fuel and water pumps, hospitals, grocery stores, vehicle spawns, and geography. The ability to show/hide certain icons you aren't looking for.
  • A basic GoogleMap-like interactive map
  • Official ARMA2 interactive map of Chernarus from Bohemia Interactive
  • A large, comprehensive, interactive map of the city Chernogorsk.
  • Maxander's 'ultimate' loot map
  • Vehicle spawns
  • Almost all vehicle spawn points

Static Maps[]

  • A map marking wells, hospitals, and general stores (forum thread here [1])
  • A map marking deer huts, hospitals, churches and firestations
  • A map marking deer hut, fuel pump, hospital, supermarket, military barracks, hanger, fire station, air control tower, factory, railway station, warehouse, office building (forum thread here [2])
  • Another simple map with bilingual names (english and russian)
  • Map marking all known loot buildings except military tent camps(soon to be added).
Using a high resolution map *Warning* filesize around 80MB.
Torrent Version
Forum thread here