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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Barracks.

Loot CategoryGeneral Military
Loot Spotsunknown
Location(s)Airfields, Military Bases

Barracks were the living quarters of Chernarussian Defence Force soldiers before the outbreak, and many weapons exclusively spawn here, such as the SVD. They also spawn items like the Ammo Box, The only place to find these besides Helicopter Crash Sites.

There are only five Barracks in the Mod, two of which located at the North West Airfield, one at the North-East Airfield and the last two at the Small Airfield directly west of NWAF.

Because they are often considered the best source of Military loot in the game, It is highly likely that they will be occupied. Large amounts of Player Bodies may be found inside, adding to the loot. However, after the 1.8.1 Update the amount of loot spawning in the Barracks was decreased, and most high-level weapon spawns were moved to Crash sites. Barracks now mostly spawn Weapon Attachments.

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