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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Blood.

Blood is essentially the health of a player. Blood begins at 12000 units for a newly spawned player. If a player's blood reaches 0, they will die.

Blood Levels[]

As a player's blood level decreases, color saturation decreases proportionally. Complete saturation loss usually occurs around 4000 to 3000 blood. At this point a player will occasionally shake, and a player character's heartbeat may be heard by the player. Hearing becomes impaired as blood loss increases as well. At less than 3000 blood, a player will start to randomly fall Unconscious.

If a player's blood level reaches 0 or below, a player will die.

Effects of Blood Loss[]

  • = 12000 - Max Blood
  • < 12000 - Proportional loss of saturation and hearing to blood loss
  • < 9000 - Susceptible to 'knock out' upon being struck by zombies
  • < 3000 - May fall Unconscious. There is a 1% chance of this happening every second.
  • < 2000 - Near-total loss of saturation, blurred vision, and severe loss of hearing
  • ≤ 0 - Death


See: Bleeding

Bleeding needs to be stopped with a Bandage, or will cause the player to fall unconscious and eventually die. Bandaging is occasionally unnecessary, as bleeding will sometimes stop on its own. This effect appears to occur more often for lower levels of blood loss.


Sepsis is a particularly lethal infection for players who contract it; it becomes progressively worse as time passes.

There are three stages to Sepsis, based on blood percentage & damage done by all Zed attacks.

Stage 1: The first 15 minutes

  • You cannot pass the infection to others
  • You do not take blood damage
  • You have a warning blood icon to show infection

Stage 2: 15 minutes - 22.5 minutes

  • You cannot pass the infection on
  • You lose 1 blood per second
  • You have the normal blood loss icon

Stage 3: 22.5 minutes to 30 minutes

  • You cannot pass the infection to others
  • You lose 2 blood per second
  • Normal blood loss icon

After 30 minutes you become fully infected, you can transmit the infection to others, you lose 3 blood per second and your screen will shake. On disconnect you will become infected.

A Sepsis Bandage is used to help prevent bleeding from this condition. Anti-biotics are required to cure.

Regaining Blood[]

To regain blood a player can either Not get hit for some time, rest at a Tent, eat Meat or use Blood Bags. Although in the past 200 blood was re-gained by eating canned goods, This was removed in patch 1.8.1. This was replaced by Blood regenerating over time, at 1.5 blood every second unless the player is Sick.

  • Blood Bags restore a player's blood level to the maximum of 12000. Another player is required to apply the blood bag. Blood bags may not be used by a player to restore their own blood level unless they are self-created. It takes around ten seconds to apply a blood bag, and both players must remain stationary.

As of 1.8.1, The blood bag System is now more like the Standalone's. Most players will have different blood types, and Giving them the wrong type may kill them. Blood type can be confirmed by the use of a Blood Test Kit. Players can now also put up to 4k of their own blood into Empty blood bags for use later or on other survivors.


When low on blood, it is recommended that a player retreat into the woods. While there are fewer zombies here, there are also animals that provide meat. As long as a player has the tools necessary to kill, gut, and cook the animal, a player can acquire a fair amount of food, and therefore, blood, without running the risk of going into residential areas. Animals are more commonly seen wandering fields, but may also be found along tree lines. To kill, gut, and cook an animal, a player will need:

  • Any weapon (melee weapons may be used, as animals other than rabbits do not run away from players) to kill the animal
  • A Hunting Knife is needed to gut animals, which creates the appropriate Raw Meat in the animal's loot menu, which may then be gathered. The process of gutting takes around five seconds to complete.
  • A Hatchet is needed to harvest wood. Wood is harvested by standing next to a tree in an appropriate forest and using the menu from right-clicking a hatchet in a player's inventory. Harvesting takes around five seconds to complete.
  • A Box of Matches is needed to make a fireplace and to light a fire.

A Wood Pile must be in a player's inventory in order to build a fireplace. You can obtain wood with a Hatchet. Right clicking a Box of Matches will bring up a menu containing the 'Make Fireplace' option. Making a fireplace consumes a wood pile, but not a box of matches. Once a fireplace is built, a player may interact with the fireplace using the context menu (default scroll wheel) and, using the option 'Light Fire', light the fire. If a player has any Mod:Raw Meat in their main inventory, using the context menu with a lit fireplace and selecting the option 'Cook Meat' will cook all available raw meat in the players inventory over a period of several seconds. the following is a list of eat types.

  • Rabbit: 400 blood (1 Raw Rabbit Meat per animal)
  • Cow: 100 blood (6 Raw Beef per animal)
  • Wild Boar: 150 blood (4 Raw Bacon per animal)
  • Sheep: 100 blood (4 Raw Mutton per animal)
  • Chicken: 100 blood (2 Raw Chicken Legs per animal)
Note: Eating raw meat carries the risk of acquiring an Infection, which may be cured using Antibiotics.
  • Rabbit: 1600 blood (1 Cooked Rabbit Meat per animal)
  • Beef: 600 blood (6 Beefsteaks per animal)
  • Bacon: 400 blood (4 Cooked Bacon per animal)
  • Mutton: 400 blood (4 Cooked Mutton per animal)
  • Chicken: 400 blood (2 Cooked Chicken Legs per animal)

Hunger and Thirst[]

If a player becomes too hungry or too thirsty, their blood will begin to drain at a rate of 20 units per second. This will continue until a player bleeds out and dies. The respective part of the HUD will provide a flashing red indicator if a player is dying of hunger or thirst.