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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Chernarus.

Chernarus is a fictional post-Soviet nation. It is infested with mindless zombies.


There are four major coastal towns:

Major towns off the coast include:

There are many more smaller towns, villages, villas, etc.


A map of Chernarus can be found as Loot ingame which then can be accessed using the M key by default. Maps are one of the most sought after items in the game. They don't use up usual Inventory slots, but go into the tool slots below the sidearm slots. However, they use 1 inventory slot when stored in the backpack.


Towns and Cities[]

A town is a major source of basic necessities such as food, water, and common ammunition. These abandoned communities can be found in every sector of Chernarus, and may vary in size and distance from one another. Small towns usually have fewer than ten lootable areas and contain almost no decent loot (Mod:Bor, Mod:Olsha) while larger towns have a lot more to choose from (Mod:Novy Sobor, Mod:Balota). The larger the town, the bigger the zombie population.... and player interest.

A city, such as Mod:Zelenogorsk and Mod:Chernogorsk, contains special locations of interest such as a supermarket, hospital, military tents, and more. As such, these forgotten utopias are the most high-trafficked areas in the game. New players may spawn in close proximity to coastal cities and venture there, sometimes to their ultimate demise. The rewards are very worthwhile if you can avoid hostile bandits and a horde of zombies. Remember: when traveling through a city, be very cautious of your surroundings.

City/Town Name Город X Y Type Sector Size
Mod:Chernogorsk Черногорск 067 127 Coastal South City
Mod:Elektrozavodsk Электрозаводск 103 132 Coastal South-East City
Mod:Berezino Березино 129 053 Coastal East City
Mod:Zelenogorsk Зеленогорск 027 099 Inland West City
Mod:Krasnostav Красностав 111 030 Inland North-East City
Mod:Stary Sobor Старый Собор 061 076 Inland Center City
Mod:Solnichniy Солнечный 134 092 Coastal South-East City
Mod:Balota Балота 045 129 Coastal South-West Town
Mod:Kamenka Каменка 019 131 Coastal South-West Town
Mod:Kamyshovo Камышово 121 118 Coastal South-East Town
Mod:Komarovo Комарово 036 128 Coastal South-West Town
Mod:Nizhnoye Нижнее 129 074 Coastal East Town
Mod:Prigorodki Пригородки 079 121 Coastal South Town
Mod:Bor Бор 033 114 Inland South-West Town
Mod:Dolina Долина 112 087 Inland South-East Town
Mod:Drozhino Дрожино 033 104 Inland South-West Town
Mod:Dubrovka Дубровка 104 055 Inland East Town
Mod:Gorka Горка 095 065 Inland Center Town
Mod:Grishino Гришино 059 050 Inland North Town
Mod:Guglovo Гуглово 084 086 Inland Center Town
Mod:Gvozdno Гвоздно 085 034 Inland North Town
Mod:Kabanino Кабанино 053 067 Inland Center Town
Mod:Khelm Хелм 122 044 Inland North-East Town
Mod:Kozlovka Козловка 044 107 Inland South-West Town
Mod:Lopatino Лопатино 027 053 Inland West Town
Mod:Mogilevka Могилевка 075 102 Inland South Town
Mod:Msta Мста 112 098 Inland East Town
Mod:Myshkino Мышкино 020 080 Inland West Town
Mod:Nadezhdino Надеждино 058 106 Inland South Town
Mod:Novy Sobor Новый Собор 070 076 Inland Center Town
Mod:Orlovets Орловец 121 080 Inland East Town
Mod:Olsha Ольша 133 024 Inland North-East Town
Mod:Pavlovo Павлово 016 115 Inland South-West Town
Mod:Petrovka Петровка 049 028 Inland North-West Town
Mod:Pogorevka Погоревка 044 089 Inland West Town
Mod:Polana Поляна 106 073 Inland East Town
Mod:Pulkovo Пулково 049 097 Inland West Town
Mod:Pusta Пуста 091 115 Inland South Town
Mod:Pustoshka Пустошка 030 074 Inland West Town
Mod:Rogovo Рогово 047 085 Inland West Town
Mod:Shakhovka Шаховка 096 087 Inland Center Town
Mod:Sosnovka Сосновка 025 090 Inland West Town
Mod:Staroye Старое 101 099 Inland East Town
Mod:Tulga Тулга 128 109 Inland South-East Town
Mod:Vybor Выбор 038 064 Inland West Town
Mod:Vyshnoye Вышное 065 093 Inland Center Town

For other locations, see Mod:Key Locations.

Key Locations[]


Mod:International Airfield (NW)
Krasnostav Airstrip (NE)
Balota Airstrip (SW)


Mod:Devils Castle (N) ЧЕРТОВ ЗАМОК

Mod:Zub Castle (Center) ЗУБ

Mod:Rog Castle (SE) PОГ


Mod:Drakon Дракон

Mod:Otmel Отмель

Mod:Skalisty Island Скалистый Остров


Bay Nizhnaya Бyхта Нижняя

Bay Zelenaya Бyхта Зеленая

Chyornaya Bay Бyхта Черная

Bay Mutnaya Бyхта Мутная

Bay Tikhaya Бyхта Тихая

Skalisty Proliv Скалистый Пролив

Rify Рифы

Guba Губа

Lake & Dams[]

Willow Lake Ивовое Озеро

Black Lake Черное Озеро

Ozerko Озерко

Prud Пруд

Pobeda Dam Дамба "Победа"

Topolka Dam Дамба "Тополька"


Pustoy Khrebet Пустой Хребет 349m

Dobryy Добрый 175m

Pik Kozlova Пик Козлова 226m

Vysoky Kamen Высокий Камень 344m

Baranchik Баранчик 320m

Malinovka Малиновка 295m

Dubina Дубина 294m

Klen Kлен 324m

Olsha Ольша 211m

Ostry Острый 353m

Black Mountain Черная Гора 365m

Altar Алтарь 471m

Lesnoy Khrebet Лесной Хребет 448m

Little Hill Холмик 315m

Pop Ivan Поп Иван 385m

Bashnya Башня 385m

Kustryk Кустрик 375m

Kurgan Курган 296m

Windy Mountain Холодная Гора 311m


Mod:Krutoy Cap Мыс Крутой

Blunt Rocks Гладкие Камни

Mod:Three Valleys Три Долины

Pass Oreshka Перевал Орешек

Black Forest Черный Лес

Old Fields Старые Поля

Mod:Pass Sosnovy Перевал Сосновый

Mod:Green Mountain Зеленая Гора

Vysota Высота

Mod:Novy Lug Новый Луг

Kopyto Копыто

Kumyrna Кумирня

Other Locations[]

Power Lines[]

A network of high voltage power lines near the Topolka Dam.

Power lines are a way to navigate Chernarus. The network consist of power plants, and high voltage transmission lines (the really tall ones) which go across the entire country-side.

The network goes along the coast between Mod:Solnichniy, Mod:Elektrozavodsk, and Mod:Chernogorsk. There is a three-way junction at Mod:Chernogorsk which then goes inland north-west to the Mod:Zelenogorsk sub-station, and then cuts east across Mod:Stary Sobor and Mod:Novy Sobor all the way to Mod:Berezino on the east coast.

Following power lines is a sure way to eventually find a town if you are lost.

How to navigate Chernarus without a Compass[]

Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Chernarus.

Sometimes it is good to know the compass directions. If you have not yet found a Mod:Compass in-game, then here are some techniques to find North.

Find North with just your watch[]

Method 1[]

With your watch, check the time (Press O, your watch will be shown on the screen). The sun travels from East to West, so if it is 6 pm, the sun would be closer to the west side of Chernarus. If it is 9 AM, the sun would be closer to the East side. Therefore, if it is AM, the sun is closer to the East side. PM = West. If it's near 12 PM (noon), you will have to try another method listed below.

Method 2[]

If you've found a watch and do not have a compass, you can use shadows to find (roughly) north.

  • find a shadow from a tree or other long object
  • take out your watch and keep it horizontally (looking down)
  • point the hour hand (short one) towards the sun
  • draw a line from the center of your watch and between the hour hand and 12 o'clock
  • north is at the other side of the center

Method 3[]

If you're on the south coast between Mod:Kamenka and Mod:Otmel with the sea at your back, it is straightforward. This only works if you are on the south coast (which you are most of the time when you are on a fresh spawn), though there is a chance that you spawn at the east coast between Mod:Solnichniy and Mod:Kamyshovo. In that case, straight forward is west.

Method 4[]

Use your watch or your vision to tell if the sun is rising or setting. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. If the sun is in the East at the time, look at the sun (you are looking East) and North will be to your left. If the sun is setting, look at the sun (you will be looking West). Look to your right and that is North. South is obviously the opposite of that.


The Clouds in Chernarus always travel from the West to the East.

Northern Star[]

Especially during the night, it can be hard to orientate and very hard to know which direction you're walking. Since you can't use shadows, you'll need to rely on the stars. Here is how to do so:

  • find the Big Dipper constellation
  • draw a line from the 2 bottom stars and keep drawing this line upwards
  • the next star you'll get is Polaris, the Northern Star