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Welcome to Origins, the new ARMA II mod inspired and based on modified version of DayZ. Fight to survive in the harsh apocalyptic Taviana 3.0 map, fully redesigned, making room for a wide range of new features and twisted survival elements. The world has gone to hell and you're right in the middle. There is more to life than just surviving, and now you have a purpose. What is this infection that has spread across the globe? Why are the dead walking again? Is there any hope in putting an end to this? There is only one way to find out, grab what supplies you can and get exploring.

Some things never change, the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. While you crawl in the mud hunting for scraps the rich have made a nice home for themselves, aptly named “Salvation Island”. They live in comfort surrounded by high walls and armed mercenaries. But they are not there to just keep the infected at bay. Don't expect a welcome party if you pay them a visit. Although if you manage to get in, you will have a chance at grabbing some of their finest weaponry.

All of this set in our new Taviana 3.0 featuring over 60 new buildings with full interiors to explore. From Hospitals and Police stations to Museums and Military Camps. There is more to explore than ever before. Will you be able discover the Origins of the outbreak or simply become another walking corpse?

New and Enhanced Day/Night cycle: ( Smooth transition every 4 hours cycle ) for more dynamic and immersive gameplay.

Patient Zero: A unique mutated Super zombie capturing / killing this zombie might have the cure for the zombie infection.

Survivor made vehicles: Cars / helicopters / rafts / quad bikes and more

New Twist: Yotopia ( Salvation City ) the last human standing city where the society elites and the rich still live away from the infection. protected by high walls and the world top trained elite mercenaries.

Persistent Survivor Leveling: Based on the newly introduced Humanity system. Players start with level 1 survivor with persistent levelling up , Players lose 1 level each time they die.

Game-play Changes

- Think Twice before shooting the next survivor you see. Resources on the main land are getting more scarce while " Salvation City " is rich with weapons and supplies but you cannot just walk there alone unless you have a death-wish. You should team up and down the guards.

- Every level enjoys new survivor/bandit outfit ( 24 in total )

Taviana 3.0 Map: DayZ Origins takes place on fully re-worked 600 Km2 Taviana Island 3.0 featuring over 60 new enterable building types, ( Hospitals, Train stations, Commercial districts, police stations, Ports, Military stations, Museums and much more, polished interiors and exteriors with highly detailed and carefully designed textures.

Still Working On Details Of the Below[]

Mod:Origins Weapons

Mod:Origins Ammunition

Mod:Origins Vehicles


New Features

Weapons AEK-971 Assault Rifle AEK-973s Assault Rifle Desert Eagle Desert Eagle Silver Desert Eagle Gold Vehicles ZAZ968M Tavilander Buhanka Bimmer M3 Maniac Truck Beast Scrap Ferry Changelog Humanity System Revised SUV Special capacity changed to 100/10/5 Changed spawn locations of urals at Sector B


Today We are pleased to announce the release of DayZ Origins mod 1.7 which answers many of the long awaited community requests of introducing Female Zombies, Female Heroes and Bandits, new weapons and goodies and a new Survivor made Vehicle.

The new features of origins 1.7 once more pushes the modding boundaries, We have focused this time on solving duping issues, securing houses from glitchers, and the most annoying combat log abusers, migrating more back end operations to server side, increasing game performance and again changing the way the back end works.

New Features:

- Female heroes added.

- Female Bandits added

- Female Zombies Added

- New Survivor made vehicle Bath-mobile added.

- 14 new weapons added from Russia, Poland, Germany and Russian version of Israeli Uzi

- Salvage broken Vehicles - Ability to removed parts from vehicles.

- Flip overturned vehicle - The bigger the car is, more survivors will need to push it ( flip it back )

- Secure Lock your house - Temporary use house inventory and secure house inventory added. (Must read full release details here)

- New Anti-duping features added. (Must read full release details here)

- New Anti Combat log features added. (Must read full release details here)

- Hatchet can now snap randomly when collecting wood.

- Pickaxe can now snap randomly when collecting rock.

- New loot spawns in Sabina.

- More holes added to fences in Dubovo and Krasnoznamen'sk airports.

- Other Performance Improvements.

Bug Fixes:

- Password prompt on garages now appears in stage 3 as it should.

- Houses Build restrictions reduced to 100 meters away from an urban area.

- Objects in fields no longer obstruct house construction.

- Titanic and all other vehicles can now cross Bratislav bridge.

- Survivor APC inventory access fixed

- Survivor APC wheels now disappear when destroyed.

- Firetruck overturning issue resolved.

- Praga-copter fixed. Crew is now vulnerable inside.

- Map bug fixes in Sabina.

- Zombies now Spawn more in Sabina.

- Performance increase in Sabina.

- 'Vertex shader out of limits' error fixed.

- 'ST coordinates' error flood fixed.

- Disused railway electric poles in Vinograd removed.

- 4 car wheels at Byelov petrol station removed.

- Bandit level 3 house no 'sleep' action issue resolved.

- Car in Sabina hospital hallway removed.


Today We are pleased to announce the release of DayZ Origins mod 1.6 which answers many of the long awaited community requests of adding buildings and mining elements to Dayz Origins.

The new features of origins 1.6 once more pushes the modding capabilities to bring new base building, mining and house construction mechanics. This update is expected to have a direct impact to the traditional zombie apocalypse experience, opening new opportunities un-explored before, new level of gameplay mechanics and indirectly paving the way to a new era of MMO / Survival games.


Days become weeks, weeks become months and now only the toughest remain. Those still living and breathing have learnt to adapt to the fresh hell they now call home. Across Taviana, survivors are gathering resources to not only survive but rebuild their lives. Building new homes hidden away from the overrun cities, humanity is finding a foothold in the most remote places.

But rebuilding civilisation was never going to be easy. While some survivors have learnt to work together there are still many who are as merciless as the zombies themselves. Time has allowed the three sides to make roots in their new world. Those who are holding onto what little humanity they have left are rebuilding communities, while bandits are still roaming the lands and doing the same in their own crude way. All that while the Zombies are becoming more numerous as more survivors fall prey to the infected, Salvation city guards are also raiding the main lands for more supplies, danger is now everywhere.,

Now that there is a less sense of security for those still alive, many have begun to reflect on the events of the last few months. It seems that finding the cure is not an easy task, and the rumours of Dr. Ivan “ Patient Zero” strike fear and curiosity into many. Many went exploring what little remains of the once ruling establishment to find clues for the location of his lab and maybe to find the cure?. Clearly this is no task for the faint hearted. Some questions are perhaps best left unanswered...

Key Features[]

Origins story continues with additional common Objectives: New Clues only found in salvation city that leads survivors to Dr. Ivan underground hidden lab.


Mining and house building: Mine and collect resources from the surrounding environment to Build upgrade and customize your home.


Survivor made Towns/Villages :. Survivors are now able to work together to claim lands and establishing their own buildings and houses together to form small villages or towns, exchange or trade resources.

Survivor’s decisions: Survivors now need to choose their path very carefully, heroic or banditry deeds will have direct impact on type of building upgrades and resources their homes produce.


Blueprints: Survivors can search and find rare blue prints that enable them to further enhance their homes with upgrades and Garages.


Keep thieves and intruders away: Survivors can add security to their own houses by finding batteries and adding digital locks to lock the doors of their houses and garages doors.

New Loot and Objects: Introducing numerous new items weapons and supplies.


Detailed interiors: Introducing numerous new items that can be upgraded for more functionality, Craft you own furniture and decorations and additional customization in 1.7 update


Origins 1.5[]

Finally Origins 1.5 is here, a massive update that aims to bring more realism and the feel of harsh post apocalyptic environments.

Loaded with long awaited features, Origins 1.5 presents new gameplay, new loot, Survivor Made Vehicles Customization, new and also customizable historical cold war vehicles, new Zombie types and the long awaited world of Taviana 4.0.

GamePlay changes - Salvation City Strikes Back - time for more social gameplay ?

Origins 1.0 Introduced Salvation City, known as ( Sector B ) the last human standing city where the elites and the rich still live, far away from the infection, protected by high walls and the world top trained elite mercenaries. In that time survivors needed to work together not to only survive the harsh post apocalyptic environment and zombie infection, but to reach and conquer Salvation City introducing new common objective to the survivors.

In Origins 1.5: Salvation city strikes back, mercenary raids to the mainland to scavenge additional food and water supplies, beware nowhere is is safe anymore... danger can come from land water or skies.. Zombies are not your only enemy anymore!

New Features

Zombies: Introduction of 12 New Zombies Types: Zombies are now more aggressive more dangerous, from swamp zombies to mutated zombies, stronger and faster and each with different characteristics.

Fully Customizable Survivor made vehicles: did you like Mad max ? Unleash your imagination on how you want to customize your vehicles, You can add plows or shield your driver seat window .. possibilities are endless, each decision you make can make the difference between life and death.

25 New customizable Vehicles including: Newly introduced iconic cold war Russian aged Vehicles reflecting the " end of the world" post apocalyptic theme and spirit.

My Home Feature: Now you can start building your home with the introduction of camp building features, such as building camping tent, upgradable with storage boxes.

- Sleep/ Rest feature: now you can go to you camp and sleep for a period of time to fully restore your health and energy. bringing more into the social gameplay style.. you will definitely need someone on guard you while sleeping no ?

- Campfire: Campfire now prevents ( Night Zombies ) from attacking your camp while you are asleep - Night zombies only appear at night.

Taviana 4.0: Featuring 5 new islands to explore, Tweaks, bug fixes and the new mysterious Taviana safari Park, which have some mysterious dark secrets.

New Spawn Locations: Five new selectable spawn cities as well as the random spawn option, Helping you spawn in at the city of your choice.

Dayz Origins 1.5 - new features Trailer

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