Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Fire Station.

Land a stationhouse.jpg
A sample Fire Station

FireStations are large structures found around Chernarus that have an attached four level tower. They can only be found in the NW Airfield and NE Airstrip, and in the two largest cities of Cherno and Elektro. Fire Stations have 10 loot spots and are labeled as General Military structures as they have the chance to drop military items. Firestations are one the quickest ways to get a Military Firearm after spawning. For this reason, Firestations are often a hotspot of PvP activity.

Common loot drops include the AK-74, M1014, tools, medical supplies, and a variety of guns and ammo.

Fire Station Locations

  • Chernogorsk: Located in the southern portion of the city north of the church.
  • Elektrozavodsk: The first Fire Station is located immediately across from the Power Station following the northern road out of the city.
  • Elektrozavodsk: The second Fire Station is located West across the road from the Church in the middle of the city.
  • North-West airfield (NWAF): The Fire Station is located in the middle of the airstrip by the military hangars.
  • North-East airfield: A Fire Station can be found on the North-west side of the airfield.


  • The Fire station is home to the infamous "Ladder Glitch" - Where it is possible to glitch through a wall by grabbing a ladder on the other side, on the third floor of the tower. This bug is constantly abused by players to escape zombies trapping them in the tower.
  • Aside from the obvious ladder on the side of the building, it is also possible to get off the firestation's roof by jumping on the small outcropping on the opposite side from the ladder and then jumping to the ground. This can be difficult to accomplish.
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