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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Fireplace.


A Fireplace can be created by using a Box of Matches. In order to start a fireplace the player must find a flat area.

Once you're in a flat area suitable for a fire, open your inventory and right click on your matchbox to create the fireplace.

You need a Wood Pile in your inventory in order to light a fire. In the interactions menu of a fireplace you have the option to light the fire.

A fire will burn for just over 10 minutes with one set of wood. You can store additional wood in the 'inventory' of the fireplace, which will keep it burning for much longer, but this wood will not be saved if the server crashes or restarts.

Make sure you pick up your fireplace after you make a fire or you will be unable to create another until you log in again.

A fireplace can be used as a place for temporary storage if you need to transfer items or clear up space in your main inventory so that you can move meat from your backpack forward. Once the fireplace is placed you have the ability to check "Gear" and interact with it. The fireplace contains 8 inventory spaces. If you light a fire while it has items inside its inventory, they will be destroyed. But, you can also use a lit fire for storage. just make sure it doesn't go out when items are inside or you'll lose them. The fireplace can be used to transfer items between two players with full inventories so that neither player has to drop any item on the ground and risk losing it.

Zombies investigate enlighted fireplaces up to 300m from their position.


  • A fireplace is a source of getting a higher body Temperature. It will warm up the player nearby.
  • It is also used to cook Raw Meat turning it into Cooked Meat and making it edible.
  • A fireplace is also used for boiling water Water Bottle with a Empty Tin Can to get Boiled Water, removing the chance of catching an infection.
  • Can be used as a small source of light.
  • Has a storage size of 8 and can be used for temporary storage.