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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Fishing Boat.

Fishing Boat
Naval Fishing Boat.jpg
Seats 8
Item Slots 400
Weapon Slots 40
Backpack Slots 8
Top Speed 45KM/H
Noise Loud
Tank Capacity 100 L
Range N/A
Armament None
Location(s) Coastal areas of Mod:Cap Golova & Mod:Berezino
Rarity N/A

The Fishing Boat one of three naval vehicles found in Mod:Chernarus.

Extended time out on the ocean in the boat is not recommended as your body temperature will slowly cool down. Keep a close eye on your temperature at all times.


To access the fishing boat's storage, one must either stand on the right side of the boat towards the front, enter the front seat then switch to the back seat, or go to the units section of the map screen and select gear.


In order to refuel the fishing boat, the player must be standing next to the top part of the boat where the driver stands, and be within a couple feet from it. This requires the player to park the boat next to an elevated surface such as a pier in order to be high enough to get the option to refuel the boat.