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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Flashlight.

Item Flashlight.png
Stacks of N/A
Inventory slots

1 Tool slot / Sidearm slot

Use to

Create a cone of light in front of the user

You also need


Duration N/A
Location(s) Residential/Civilian
Rarity Common

Mod:Military Flashlight

Flashlight creates a cone of yellowish light in front of the user to aid nighttime visibility.

The flashlight takes up a toolbelt slot when not in use and when equipped occupies the sidearm weapon slot (changed via right-click menu). If a sidearm is already equipped, it must first be dropped or placed in the player's backpack. Once equipped, the flashlight can be toggled on and off with the default 'L' key, though it is only effective at night and will not work in daylight.

Caution should be employed when using the flashlight as it can easily reveal the player's location to other survivors. Zombies do not react to the light.

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