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Fuelcan 5L
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots


Use to

Refuel vehicles

You also need
  • (load) Fuel Tank
  • (use) Vehicle
Duration N/A
Location(s) Industrial, Farms
Rarity Common


Used to gas up vehicles, such as cars, boats and helicopters.

Fuel cans are smaller than Jerry Cans and can only carry 5 litres of fuel. It uses 1 inventory slot and are known to be found in farms and industrial buildings.


Fuel cans are typically found full. To refill the can you must find a large fuel cylinder normally found within a few meters of a gas pump, or locate another vehicle you can siphon the fuel from.

Fuel Tanks[]

Large fuel tanks located near Petrol stations and sometimes industrial areas can be used to refill fuel cans. The individual pumps at stations themselves are non functional due to the lack of electricity in Chernarus.


You can siphon fuel from other vehicles. This assumes you have either the Fuel can or Jerry can in your main inventory and the vehicle has fuel that can be siphoned.

See Also: Refueling, Vehicle fuel capacities

The four Tank Types which allow refilling the Jerry Can