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Item GPS.png
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots

1 Tool slot

Use to

Locate yourself in Chernarus

You also need


Duration N/A
Location(s) General Military, Barracks
Rarity Very rare


The GPS is a handheld Global Positioning System that allows players to locate their position on the Mod:Map within a set of grid coordinates.


The GPS has a built-in Map that can be viewed by pressing the 'M' key (default).

It allows the player to pinpoint where they are, and also provides which way they are facing and their elevation relative to sea level.

Players can press right 'Ctrl + M' to bring up a mini map on their screen when in possession of a GPS.

The GPS is rare and is only a part of Military Mod:loot spawns.


  • The GPS also has a built-in map. This allows players to have both the information of a GPS, plus the information of a map without actually having a map.
  • The GPS does not display nearby players or vehicles.

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