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Seats 4
Item Slots 50
Weapon Slots 10
Backpack Slots 2
Top Speed On-road 91 KM/H
Top Speed Off-road 56 KM/H
Tank Capacity 100L
Range Unknown
Armament No
Location(s) N/A
Rarity N/A

The HMMWV is a Military, light armored jeep which has been implemented in DayZ version In this Version it has no Armament. The HMMWV is one of the rarest vehicles in the game, But is fast and semi-bulletproof, though loud.

The HMMWV is one of the strongest vehicles in the game, only falling behind the Ural-4320 in terms of how much damage it can take. Being much faster and smaller than the Ural, the HMMWV is ideal when traveling through high risk areas where players are likely to be ambushed.

The HMMWV is painted in the NATO-Standard 3-color camouflage pattern, which is excellent for hiding the vehicle in the woods.

To completely repair (green status) a broken (red status) HMMWV you will need:

Part Amount
Scrap Metal 1
Fuel Tank Parts 1
Engine Parts 1
Wheel 4
Windscreen Glass 4

It can be found around Chernarus.