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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Hunting Knife.

Hunting Knife
Item Knife.png
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots

1 Tool slot

Use to

Gut Animals

You also need

Dead Animals

Duration N/A
Location(s) Residential/Civilian, Industrial, General Military, Barracks
Rarity Common


The Hunting Knife is a tool used in DayZ to gut dead Animals for Raw Meat.


A knife used during hunting for preparing the game to be used a food by cutting up the meat.
~ In-game description

A Hunting Knife is used to gut animals for Raw Meat, which is either eaten or cooked to create Cooked Meat.

In order to create Cooked Meat, a player must create a Fireplace, light the fire and cook the meat. Cooked Meat is the best food in the game as it provides 600 Blood (Beef), 1600 Blood (Rabbit) or 400 Blood (All others) rather than the 200 received from Canned Goods.

The Hunting Knife does not use up usual inventory slots; instead it goes into the tool slots below the sidearm slots. However, it will use one inventory slot when stored in a backpack. The Hunting Knife will slowly dull with every use until it becomes unusable.


  • The Hunting Knife cannot be used as a weapon, Unlike the Hatchet and Crowbar. the former is also used for harvesting wood from forest trees.

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