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Infected Survivor Camp.PNG
In-game screenshot of an infected camp

Infected survivor camps are randomly spawned tents typically located in forests and away from towns, and can be found in any area of the map, even near the coast. They consist of several closely placed Tents, with a large number of infected surrounding the area.

The tents carry similar loot to low value residential buildings, however there is a possibility of medical or food boxes being located in the area. Civilian weapons such as the Lee-Enfield and Winchester 1866, and industrial loot like Car Parts can also be found in the Tents. The Tents themselves can be packed and carried away for later use.

Food boxes contain:

  • 6 x Baked Beans
  • 6 x Sardines
  • 6 x FrankBeans
  • 6 x Pasta
  • 6 x FrankBeans
  • 6 x Pasta

Medical boxes contain:

  • 5 x Bandages
  • 2 x Epinephrine
  • 5 x Morphine
  • 2 x Bloodbag
  • 2 x Painkiller
  • 3 x Antibiotic
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