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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Krasnostav.

City Krasnostav S.jpg

Krasnostav viewed from South

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Krasnostav is a city in the northeast portion of Chernarus nearest to the Northeast Airstrip. Its name means something like "Red camp/Red place" in Russian. There are three roads heading out of the city (one heading east, one heading west, and one heading south) and the city itself is situated in a valley between Ostry, Black, and Klen mountains. There is also a supermarket in the east part of the city. In real life, Krasnostav is a city in the Lublin Voivodeship, Poland. (Spelled Krasnystaw in polish, but Krasnostav in Ukranian).

Buildings of Interest[]

Krasnostav Airstrip (NEAF)[]

Airfield Krasnostav NW.jpg

Krasnostav Airstrip viewed from North West

  • Has 1 air tower and two hangars. There is also a Firestation and several warehouses on the western side of the Airfield. Usually known as the North East Airfield (NEAF)

Aerial Shot[]

Aerial shot of Krasnostav Aerial shot of Krasnostav Airfield