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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Mi-17.

Item Slots50
Weapon Slots8
Backpack Slots10
Top Speed320 km/h
NoiseVery Loud
Tank Capacity1000 Liters
Range600 Kilometers
Armament2 × PKT medium machine guns with AA sights
Location(s)Devil's Castle, Kopyto above Chernogorsk (76,113), North West Airfield
Rarity1 per server

The Mil Mi-17 (NATO code "Hip") and its variants are the transport horses of countries supplied by the Russian Federation and post-Soviet states, and was the standard helicopter of the Chernarussian Defence Forces before the outbreak. The variant that was in game is painted with Russian military markings.


The Mi-17 is extremely well armoured, and can survive more shots than any other vehicle in DayZ. Unless hit in the engine-rotor-assembly, the Mi-17 can sustain almost any amount of small arms fire, though it can be easily shot down using the Offroad Technical's DShK 12.7mm machinegun.

The Mi-17 is also the only helicopter that is armed with anti lock-on measures, as it is equipped with 120 rounds of chaff. The use of these is purely to distract enemies, as DayZ lack heat seeking ground-to-air rocket launchers.

The Mi-17 was introduced in the DayZ patch. It was removed in the 1.8.7 Patch, likely because it was so difficult to shoot down.

The Mi-17's PKT machineguns can be reloaded with PKM Belts if needed.

The Mi-17 was removed from the game in the 1.8.8 patch. However, it still spawns on many servers.

To completely repair (green status) a broken Mi-17 (red status) you will need:

Part Amount
Mod:Engine Parts 1
Mod:Main Rotary Parts 1
Mod:Scrap Metal 4
Mod:Windscreen Glass 8

The player may also require a Mod:Jerry Can to refuel the vehicle.