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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Military Flashlight.

Military flashlight
Item Military Flashlight.png
Stacks of N/A
Inventory slots

1 Tool slot / Sidearm slot

Use to

Create a cone of red light in front of the user

You also need


Duration N/A
Location(s) General Military, Barracks
Rarity Moderate


The Military flashlight is similar to the standard Mod:Flashlight, but emits a red cone of light that is much harder to see and doesn't penetrate walls as badly. The light is similar to that of a red chemlight and is much less likely to be seen by distant players than the regular Flashlight.

As with the Flashlight, it occupies a toolbelt slot when not in use and must be equipped to the sidearm slot via the right-click menu in order to be activated with the default 'L' key.

The reasoning behind the Military Flashlight using a red lens is because red lenses emit the least amount of light of all shades, making it easier to use without revealing your position.

See also Mod:Flashlight.