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Offroad DShKM
Arma2 GUE offroad.jpeg
Seats 3
Item Slots 150
Weapon Slots Unknown
Backpack Slots Unknown
Top Speed On-road 105 KM/H
Top Speed Off-road 45 KM/H
Tank Capacity 50L
Range 55KM(?)
Armament DShKM
Location(s) Kabanino
Rarity N/A

The Off-road DShKM is a Offroad Pickup that has been modified to mount a 12.7mm (.50 Caliber) DShKM Heavy Machine Gun in the bed, and has been painted in a Camouflage scheme. It was added to the game alongside the PKM Pickup in the 1.8.1 patch.


The Offroad DShKM has the same performance as it's unarmed variant, but can carry one additional passenger - the gunner. The DShKM Machinegun has a 360-degree traverse, but the gunner is completely exposed to enemy fire, and the vehicle itself can only take limited abuse before bursting into flames. In combat, the Offroad DShKM will have to rely on speed instead of armor to survive. However, the DShKM's 12.7mm rounds are extremely effective against any targets. It can kill players with a single round, penetrate most cover, and disable vehicles with only a few rounds.

The vehicle requires a crew of two, as it is impossible to switch between driver/backseat and gunner without getting out of the vehicle.