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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Old Bike.

Old Bike
Vehicle Bicycle female riding.jpg
Seats 1
Item Slots None
Weapon Slots None
Backpack Slots None
Top Speed On-road 50
Top Speed Off-road 44
Tank Capacity None
Armament None
Location(s) see Vehicles
Rarity Common

The Old Bike is a single seat vehicle that may be found in several areas around Chernarus. As a mechanically-powered vehicle it does not require fuel to be operated, and because of this it is also significantly more difficult to travel uphill than down, just as with a real-world bicycle.

The bicycle is an exceptional and economical way to tour the roads of Chernarus. While the passenger is extremely prone to hostile fire, the bike makes significantly less noise than your typical gas-powered vehicle, effectively giving the player a low profile through towns and cities.

High speed collisions may damage or even destroy the tires and render the bicycle useless. Collisions or somersaults may also result in shock or even death.


To completely repair a Bicycle, you will need:

Part Amount
Scrap Metal 1
Wheel 2



The Russian bicycle V-128 "Druzhba" (rus. В-128 "Дружба", translates as "Friendship") may have served as a prototype for the vehicle from DayZ Mod. It was based on another Russian bike called "Ural" famous for its durability and reliability. "Druzhba" was produced by the Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle Plant (MMVZ, then Motovelo). Nowadays these bikes can be still seen in the countryside of the former USSR.


Vehicle Bicycle Spawn Near Guglovo.jpg

A bicycle that spawns by the green house between Novy Sobor and Guglovo.

Bicycles may be found in locations such as those mentioned below, though these may or may not be actual spawn points.

  • At a green house between Novy Sobor and Guglovo (GR: 080082)
  • At a small building west of the green house between Novy Sobor and Guglovo (GR: 079081)
  • Two locations at the Lighthouse between Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk (GR: 083128)
  • At Prigorodki at the three Barns (GR: 080119)
  • At a Stary Sobor Military Base
  • On a main road leading north/northwest out of Komarovo
  • On a main road, next to the railroads, west of Komarovo (just north of the lighthouse on the shore)
  • In Zelenogorsk on the main road that leads east.
  • On a secondary road that leads south out of Bor (Closest to Komarovo)
  • At the radio tower northeast of Krasnostav Airstrip (Olsha)
  • At the Barn north of Cherno off the west dirt road. Mod:Chernogorsk
  • By the lighthouse east of Kamenka, close to the wilderness spawn
  • Mid way down the Balota airstrip.
  • Bikes have also been found in many forest areas