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Pickup PKM
Seats 5
Item Slots 150
Weapon Slots Unknown
Backpack Slots Unknown
Top Speed On-road 105 KM/H
Top Speed Off-road 37 KM/H
Tank Capacity 50L
Range 55KM(?)
Armament PKM
Location(s) Novy Sobor
Rarity N/A

The Pickup PKM is a Pickup Truck with a PKM 7.62mm Belt-Fed Machinegun mounted on top the Cab, and painted in a green Camouflage Scheme. Alongside the Offroad DShKM, it was the first armed ground vehicle added to the game.


The Pickup PKM has the same performance as the Pickup Truck, but can carry 3 additional passengers, (One on the gun and two on the open hubcap) making it ideal for transportation. As a combat vehicle, however, it leaves much to be desired. It's off-road capabilities are limited compared to the Offroad DShKM, And the gun is in on a limited-traverse mounting. The gunner stands up behind the gun in the bed, making him an easy target for any armed Survivors or Bandits, and the rest of the passengers are also quite exposed. Finally, the vehicle itself can only take a limited amount of small arms fire before bursting into flames.

However, the gun itself is quite effective. Because it does not suffer from any recoil, it is very easy to put dozens of rounds onto a target quite quickly. It can easily shoot down most Helicopters, aside from the Mi-17. It can be reloaded with PKM Belts.