Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Radio.

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Radios are currently unable to be used or even obtained legitimately. It is speculated that players will be able to communicate with each other using them, though this has not been confirmed.

Some have claimed that radios can pick up transmissions from Green Mountain at the top of every hour that include Morse code and a series of grid coordinates, though this is an urban legend and has been proven untrue.

Green Mountain Radio Transmissions

A video posted on the DayZ forum included a radio transmission supposedly from Green Mountain, comprised of a message in Morse code followed by a long series of numbers.

It was claimed that the recording was automated and repeated regularly. The deciphered Morse code appeared to be related to the outbreak of the virus which lead to the current state of Chernarus, indicating an apparent failure to contain one or more infected subjects:

We are no longer alive STOP This message will play every hour if operators are no longer responsive STOPMESSAGE Unable to quarantine subject change STOPMESSAGE

The sequence of numbers heard in the latter portion of the message are grid references which correspond to the location of deer stands throughout Chernarus, perhaps included with the intention of helping Survivors arm themselves against the threat of the infected:

048107 048107 049047 049047 034051 034051 023107 023107 022110 022110 017121 017121 054074 054074 063087 063087 040093 040093 039108 039108 036091 036091 032090 032090

Although the transmission has since been proven a hoax, it has nonetheless entered the unofficial narrative of DayZ's backstory.

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