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Weapon Revolver.png
Magazine Size 6
Ammo Type(s) .45
Magazine Type(s) .45 ACP/M1911 Mag
Damage 4500 Blood
Fire Modes Semi
Shots to Kill body:

head: 1

Effective Range 100m
Rate of Fire Slow
Recoil High
Noise Moderate
Zeroing No
Location(s) Residential/Civilian
Rarity Common
Attachments None
Alternate version(s) N/A

The revolver is a fairly common weapon located in Supermarkets and residential areas. It holds 6 rounds of .45 ACP ammo. M1911 magazines can be converted to ACP and vice versa, but the inital change will cause the loss of a single round (M1911 magazine holds 7, ACP only holds 6). Compared to the M1911, the Revolver is more accurate due to longer sight radius.

UPDATE: This weapon's body-damage was dramatically lowered in the update.