Satchel Charge
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots


Use to

Destroy buildings, vehicles or kill Mod:survivors

You also need


Duration Can be placed anywhere on the server where it is deployed:
  • Until detonated by the player who placed it, either via timer or remote
  • Until it is disarmed by a different player
Location(s) Barracks
Rarity Very Rare


Satchel charges are destructive explosives that have the capability of being able to destroy anything in Chernarus. Once placed, they can either be detonated remotely or with the aid of a timer.

A satchel charge can be disarmed and picked up by the player.

Satchel Charges have a detonation range of 300m.


The only confirmed location of the Satchel Charge is the Mod:Barracks on the Mod:International Airfield.

On unofficial maps, the Satchel Charge can spawn in other areas, just always in a set of Mod:Barracks.

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