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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Servers.

Although DayZ is only in Alpha, thousands of servers already exist for players to use hosted by community members all over the world.

DayZ servers are all connected to a central database called The Hive which allows your player to persist from one server to the next although vehicles and tents remain on the server where discovered.

Official information regarding servers can be found on the DayZ Mod forums:

Server Naming Convention[]

Current naming format:

DayZ - LOCATION ID (version/beta) [3dp:xx ch:xx] [UTC+x] - hosted by Customtext

Alternative format with city:

DayZ - LOCATION ID City (version/beta) [3dp:xx ch:xx] [UTC+x] - hosted by Customtext


  • The location is a two-character country code. (US, DE, UK, SE, etc)
  • The city which is optional indicates where the server is physically hosted.
  • The version and beta indicate the necessary DayZ version and ArmA2OA beta version.
  • Third person and Cross Hairs (the shoot from the hip cross-hairs that appear green in the middle of the screen):
    • 3DP:on <- thirdperson on
    • 3DP:off <- thirdperson off
    • CH:on <- cross-hair on
    • CH:off <- cross-hair off
  • The time zone offset from UTC gives an indication of the day/night cycle of the server.
  • Trailing information indicates the provider of the server.

Note on difficulty: Some servers contain a difficulty tag in their names such as "regular" or "veteran". These tags are no longer part of the official convention as the difficulty level could mean different things from one server admin to the other and are therefore misleading. Server admins can tweak what each difficulty means in the "class Difficulties" section of the ArmA2 OA Profile configuration.


  • DayZ - US #314159 (v1.7.2.4/beta 95417) [3DP:ON CH:OFF][UTC-4] -

Server Lists[]