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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Soda Can.

Soda Can
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots


Use to

Restore a player's hydration levels.

You also need


Duration N/A
Location(s) Everywhere
Rarity common


Soda cans will quench the player's thirst slightly when consumed. They can be used by entering the gear window ('G' Key), right-clicking its icon and selecting 'drink soda can (###)'. Upon consumption, a snap, hiss and gulping sound will play to represent the player drinking the can. Be wary as other players and zombies can hear this noise from a small distance. Because it can take upwards of 5 soda cans to completely fill a player's thirst bar, it is recommended that the player find a Water Bottle and Boil water, or simply hop from Well to Well, and only use Soda cans as a temporary water source.


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