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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Sosnovka.

City Sosnovka S.jpg

Sosnovka viewed from South

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Coordinates 025 090

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Sosnovka is a small town located just north of Mod:Zelenogorsk and south-west of Pass Sosnovy.

Buildings of Interest[]

Sosnovka contains very few places of interest. This, combined with its location results in very little contact with other survivors. Despite its low number of spawn places, the town does contain the following spawns:

  • Residential (Low Value) x4 - Three in the North of the town on the East side of the main road. One in the South.
  • Industrial (Low Value) x2 - Located inside the town; One between the two Residential buildings, East of the road. And one North of the town.
  • Industrial (Low Value) x1 - Located East of the town along a dirt track.

Due to its low value of loot, it is not recommended to make it an objective to go there for items. However if you are heading to Mod:Green Mountain or Mod:Zelenogorsk it may be worth stopping off if you are in need of Mod:Bandages or Food.

Aerial Shot[]

Aerial shot of Sosnovka