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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Status Effects.

There are a number of effects in DayZ that can negatively impact the player, some of which significantly increases the danger towards the player and may result in death if said play is not able to remedy the situation quickly.


See also: Mod:Blood

{{{Stat}}} Symptoms: Mod:Blood will spurt out of the player, which can be seen by other survivors and the player themselves in third person. The screen color will slowly fade to gray (starting at 9000 blood) as the amount of blood decreases.
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Causes: Bleeding can occur after:
  • Being hit by Mod:Zombies
  • Being eaten by Mod:Zombies
  • Falling
  • Getting shot
  • Getting hit by an explosive
  • Obtaining an infection
  • Having a player run into you
  • Starving or dying of thirst
Treatment: This condition is cured with a Mod:Bandage. A bandage can be used on yourself or on other players using the action menu. It is recommended that you have at least two bandages in your inventory at all times.

Bleeding will sometimes stop on its own, without the need for a bandage. If you continue to bleed, it will not stop until you reach 2000 blood or apply a bandage. Eat food to regain your blood levels.


{{{Stat}}} Symptoms: If the player logs out with this status, the next time they log in they will spend a long period unconscious. It is marked by a White symbol on the HUD (REMOVED)
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Causes: Shock is the status effect a player will receive after being shot at by another player or damaging themselves somehow. On very rare occassions, being hit or even being near a zombie can get the player a shock status.
Treatment: This status will last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and is only curable with an Epi-pen.


{{{Stat}}} Symptoms: Pain is accompanied by excessive screen shaking which makes aiming very difficult. Currently, shaking is only seen while in first person view. In third person view the screen will not shake, however the crosshairs and aiming are still affected.
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Causes: Pain is caused when the player takes damage, it has a chance to proc on any type of damage including falling, Zombie hits, or gun shot wounds.
Treatment: Pain is cured by Mod:Painkillers.

Broken Bones[]

{{{Stat}}} Symptoms: How to see if you have Broken Bones:
  • The player will lie prone, he will be able to stand, crouch and even vault, but will fall if attempting to move.
  • The player will still be able to operate vehicles with no difficulty.
  • The player will have a white broken bone icon displayed on the hud
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Causes: Causes of Broken Bones:.
  • Being injured by other survivors
  • Being injured by zombies
  • Falling from a height
  • Ejecting from moving vehicle
Treatment: Morphine Auto Injectors and Wooden Splints are used to heal broken bones (instant after use)


{{{Stat}}} Symptoms: Character will have an hourglass in the middle of their screen and all colors will fade (white and black, blurry) , along with inability to chat, move, etc. (game controls disabled)
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Causes: Causes of being Unconscious:
  • A very large amount of lethal damage. (most rifles, sniper rifles, and high military-graded weapons)
  • Dropping below 3000 blood will cause the player to drift in and out of consciousness (there is a 1 in 100 chance for this, and it is rolled once every second in the game).
  • Logging in with the [[Mod:#Shock|Shock]] condition. (patched)
  • Being hit by a zombie while you have less than 9000 blood.
  • Occasionally due to a glitch while walking through open doors.
  • Currently a bug in the game: being unconsciousness after login without being unconscious before relogging/exiting the game.
Treatment: An Mod:Epi-Pen will fix this condition instantly, however if the player has low blood they may head straight back into unconsciousness. It is therefore advised to bandage and fix all other conditions before the player is injected with the Epi-Pen. Remember that an Epi-Pen has to be used by another survivor to give yourself consciousness.


{{{Stat}}} Symptoms: Stains around the blood-indicator, character will cough and splutter, losing 3 Mod:blood every second. Infected players lose blood continuously until they are dead. Coughing sounds will attract the attention of nearby zombies.
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Causes: Causes of Infection:
  • Random chance when Mod:Temperature drops below 36.
  • Spending time near players who are already sick.
  • Being attacked by a zombie (the chances are 'much lower' and are also based on the number of zombies attacking you in as opposed to the previous 1/500, the infection chance is 4x higher when hit by a viral zombie).
  • Small chance when drinking unboiled water and when eating raw food.
  • Receiving a blood transfusion
Treatment: Treatment for Infection:
  • Using Mod:Antibiotics will cure the infection.
  • Eating food continuously will help compensating the constant blood loss.
  • Resting at a tent gives a 1% chance of curing an infection (can only be done once every 5 minutes).
  • Using antibacterial Wipes within 30 minutes of contraction will cure the infection, if it was caused by a zombie, not cold.


{{{Stat}}} Symptoms: Character will shake from coldness (not as shaky as Mod:Pain.)
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Causes: Causes of Cold:
Treatment: Treatments for a Cold:

Any one will work - you do not have to do all to relieve your cold.