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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Temperature.

Your body temperature determines how easy it is to get Infections, and if very low you will recieve the status effect Cold. Common temperature while day + running is 42°C (yes, so high, but still normal), while night is 35°C.

Like the other HUD icons, the temperature icon will begin to blink when nearing a critical state. When this happens, the player should try to increase their temperature as quickly as possible or face the possibility of obtaining a cold or infection.

You increase your body temperature by:

  • Moving (very slow, faster movement speed will neutralise loss)
  • Remaining inside buildings (slow)
  • Staying in the sunshine (slow - moderate based on time of day)

Your body temperature will decrease when:

  • You are outdoors at night (slow)
  • You are outdoors in a rain storm (fast)
  • You are outdoors in a windy environment (slow)
  • You are immersed in water (Very fast)