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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Tent.

Tent deployed.jpg
Stacks of 1
Inventory slots


Use to

Store Items (50 Slots)

You also need

Can be placed anywhere

Duration on the server where it is deployed:
  • Permanent? (Owner alive)
  • Infinitely as long as someone (not necessarily the owner) places/removes items every 7 days (Owner dead)
Location(s) Residential/Civilian, General Military
Rarity Rare


Tents are items that offer a source of storage to players. They do not save from server to server but on the originating server they were deployed on. Deployed tents cannot be stolen, however the items inside can be.

There are 3 item types:

A tent can hold a fixed amount of each item-type, within the item-type each item counts as one (unlike in the Mod:Inventory system).

A tent can hold up to five backpacks, ten weapons & tools and fifty general items. For example one tent can hold five binoculars, five Mod:M4A1s, forty STANAG mags, ten engine parts and five backpacks at the same time.

Tents require 3 Mod:Inventory slots and can be placed in Mod:Backpacks.

Tent placement:

To place a tent find some secluded area you are content with and open your inventory. Select the 'Pitch Tent' option on the tent item and the character will crouch down and place the tent in front of you. Unlike other deployable items, tents usually align fine on inclined ground.

Tents must be placed in an open area, not obstructed by trees, terrain such as large rocks/boulders, buildings or water.

Additional tent info:

  • Tents can be moved after you set them up however you can't pick up someone else's tent.
  • You can have as many tents as you like.
  • If you move a tent without taking the items they will appear in a big pile of loot nearby where the tent originally was.
  • Tents are tied to servers and survive server restarts.
  • Everyone can take items out of your tent (but not steal the tent).
  • Tents can be flattened by driving over them with a vehicle or bicycle, all the contents will be destroyed. A server restart may fix the tent, however contents will remain missing.
  • As of 1.7.7 you can now see how many items the tent can hold.
  • Returning to a tent that you have placed after you have died will not allow you to rest in it, but you can still take your items out.
  • Be careful around your tent, going prone into or near the tent may cause you to break your legs!
  • After placing a tent, you can then rest at it anytime during that life. You regain blood every 5-10 seconds and it may very rarely cure an infection (1%% chance every 5 minutes according to status effects page). It is an option in the action menu.