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UH-1H Huey
Vehicle UH-1H.jpg
Item Slots25
Weapon Slots5
Backpack Slots4
Top Speed280 km/h
NoiseVery Loud
Tank Capacity1000 L
Armament2x M240 machine guns
Location(s)Skalka (021.024), Skalisty Island (131,121), North-west airport
Rarityserver dependent

The UH-1H "Huey" is a military helicopter armed with two M240 machine guns mounted on the side doors. In DayZ the Huey is olive drab and initially has a cracked windscreen which can be repaired with Windscreen Glass.

Warning: As of upon server restart helicopters have been reported to respawn at previous location once again needing to be fully repaired. Items in vehicle inventory will NOT be saved.

To completely repair (green status) a broken (red status) you will need:

Part Amount
Engine Parts 1
Main Rotary Parts 1
Scrap Metal 4
Windscreen Glass 8

As of, the Huey can now be rearmed/reloaded if a player is carrying m240 belts in their inventory.

When the chopper spawns, it will contain 5 soda cans as loot.

To completely top an empty fuel tank you need 50 Jerry cans. If the helicopter is not 100% repaired (including Windscreen Glass) the fuel will leak even when the engine is off (NOTE that you must also have all windscreen glass repaired, although this will not appear in the green indicators next to the fuel gauge).

To access the gear, move to the back of the Huey and look at the tail or press M (while in the helicopter), go to Units and press gear.

A parachute will deploy for a player that ejects while the helicopter is flying both up and forward, thus allowing the player to land safely. However, it is strongly suggested you only try this in extreme emergencies as there are many reports of instant death. Trees should be avoided while parachuting, as colliding with them may kill the player. Also, a hard parachute landing may put the player into shock without taking any other kind of damage.

A freshly spawned chopper can present itself with many bugs. These include not being able to get in as a gunner on one side, or not being able to use iron sights when on the guns. This issue can be fixed by simply moving the chopper.

WARNING: On some occasions, players may be kicked by Battleye (Error #55) while inside the helicopter. Any player kicked in mid-flight WILL appear on the ground directly below from where they were kicked, however if the pilot is kicked while flying, the helicopter will be destroyed and de-spawned by the game. Anyone inside the helicopter when the pilot is kicked may be instantly killed. The players are then forced to wait until the helicopter respawns again. If the helicopter is flying low enough or slowly enough, you may survive the crash- albeit with significant injury.

Note: Flying mechanics in the ArmA2 engine are quite unique and may prove challenging to inexperienced players. Even simply landing can damage or even destroy a helicopter. It is strongly recommended that players conduct their flight training in ArmA2's single player Boot Camp or Armory before attempting to fly in DayZ.

Once a UH-1H has been crashed and blown up you can in some instances see giant flames originating from the crash area, this is believed to be a graphical issue on DayZ that will be resolved in later updates, please note that once a UH-1H has crashed it will take 13 server days (This does NOT apply to all servers. Many servers respawn the Uh-1h along with server restart.) to respawn in one of the spawn locations indicated, but usually the helicopter will spawn on Skalisty Island, located just east of Elektrozavodsk.