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Most vehicles are repairable in game, with the exception of vehicles that have been blown up or otherwise completely destroyed.

There are numerous parts that are required for repairs, but is dependant on the state of the vehicle:

Ascertain the level of damage[]

  • A visual inspection may give some idea of what parts are required (missing wheels and broken windows are obvious).
  • Enter the vehicle itself to determine what other parts are required: the icons in the top left will show various colors to indicate the damage (Green = OK, Orange = Damaged, Red = Unusable)
  • Using the mouse wheel to enter the repair menu whilst looking the vehicle will show the level of damage for each part

Note that a damaged fuel tank will leak fuel (more the higher the damage is).

Collect the necessary parts[]

Once you have determined what parts are required you will need to locate them. Industrial buildings are the best places to find Vehicle Components and Jerry Cans or fuelcans.

Repair the vehicle[]

You must have a toolkit to repair any vehicle.

Using the action menu on the vehicle will allow you to replace parts. The color of the menu entry indicates the damage of the part. Yellow means more than 50% damaged, red means more than 90% damaged.

For wheels you can visually inspect the vehicle to determine which one requires replacing. Red entries in the menu may also indicate parts that do not exist on that vehicle, for instance center left and center right wheels on a four wheel vehicle.

A word of warning: repairing a vehicle will alert zombies up to 50m away.

Once the vehicle is repaired, you may need to top up the fuel tank:

  • Find a Jerry Can or fuelcans. These can be empty when you find them, but can be refilled at the large tanks in most gas stations.
  • To refuel the car, have the Jerry Can/Fuelcan in your inventory (not backpack), stand near the car and use the context menu. Refueling the car plays an action animation, freezing you in place for about five seconds.
  • To refill the Jerry Can, have the it in your inventory (not backpack), stand near one of the large cylindrical tanks at a gas station (NOT the pumps), and use the context menu. Refilling the can is instantaneous, plays a sound but no action animation, so you may freely return to your vehicle immediately.


Vehicles count as persistent storage, however only on the server they were created on. If the car is destroyed, everything placed inside will be lost.