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Note: this page covers the Mod version of DayZ; for information on the Standalone, see Vehicles.

There are numerous vehicles present in DayZ, usually in poor repair or completely non-functioning. They spawn in various locations across Chernarus and can be difficult to locate due to high player numbers

They allow for relatively easy travel, but are considered a high value object to all players so caution should be used when using, repairing or attacking them.


Refueling vehicles requires a Jerry Can (20L) or Fuel Can (5L). Typically fuel cans are full when found, but will require refilling eventually. This can be done by approaching the large fuel tanks with the can in your main inventory, and selecting the Refill option with your mouse wheel. This process is instant.

Once you have a full fuel can, approach the vehicle and select the Refuel option. This will start the refueling animation, moving during this will cancel the refuel and require you to restart the process.

If you are unable to locate a fuel tank to fill your fuel cans, you can siphon fuel from another vehicle whilst having the can equipment. Simply approach the vehicle and select the siphon option; be mindful that siphoning requires a hose. The vehicle that you are siphoning fuel from will also need to have more fuel than the canister you are trying to fill. For example, if you want to fill a 20L Jerry can by siphoning fuel, the vehicle will need to have at least 20L in its fuel tank.

Repairing Vehicles[]

see: Vehicle Repair


Name Capacity Speed Fuel Capacity (Cans) Rarity
Seats Item Weapon Backpack On-Road Off-Road
Running by foot 1 12 2 1 18 KM/H 18 KM/H N/A N/A
ATV 2 50 10 2 110 KM/H 75 KM/H 30 L (1.5) Common (12 Per Server)
Bus 24 50 10 2 90 KM/H 40 KM/H 100 L (5) Rare (2 Per Server)
Old Bike 1 0 0 0 51 KM/H 44 KM/H N/A Common ( 16 per server)
GAZ 4 50 10 2 114 KM/H 24 KM/H 200 L (10) Rare (1 Per Server)
Military Offroad 9 50 10 2 111 KM/H 44 KM/H 200 L (10) Rare (1 Per Server)
Motorcycle 2 5 0 0 84 KM/H 55 KM/H 55 L (2.25) Common (4 per server)
Offroad Pickup Truck 2 50 10 2 108 KM/H 48 KM/H 100 L (5) Uncommon (2 per server)
Old Hatchback 4 50 10 2 101 KM/H 24 KM/H 50 L (2.5) Rare (1 per server)
Pickup Truck 2 50 N/A N/A 97-105 KM/H 37-45 KM/H 200 L (10) Rare (1 per server)
S1203 Van 6 50 4 2 93 KM/H 42 KM/H 60 L (3) Rare (1 per server)
Skoda 4 75 10 2 80 KM/H 17 KM/H 200 L (10) Rare (1 per server)
Tractor 1 50 10 N/A 53 KM/H 39 KM/H 100 L (5) Common (4 per server)
UAZ 7 50 10 7 83 KM/H 48 KM/H 100 L (5) Rare (1 per server)
Ural Civilian 12 200 50 8 75 KM/H 45 KM/H 200 L (10) Rare (1 per server)
SUV 6 50 10 2 119 KM/H 55 KM/H 200 L (10) Rare (1 per server)
V3S Civilian 14 200 50 8 75 KM/H 45 KM/H 160 L (8) Rare (1 per server)
HMMWV 4 120 4 4 119 KM/H 56 KM/H 100 L (5) Rare (1 per server)
Pickup PKM 5 50 5 ? 97-105 KM/H 37-45 KM/H Rare (1 per server)
Offroad DShKM 5 50 5 ? 97-105 KM/H 37-45 KM/H Rare (1 per server)


Name Capacity Speed Fuel Capacity (Cans) Rarity Armor Rating
Seats Item Weapon Backpack
AH6X 2 30 3 2 150 KM/H 1000 L (50) Rare (1 per server) XX
AN-2 12 100 6 N/A 240 KM/H 400 L (23) Variable XX
MH6J 6 20 3 3 230 KM/H 600 L Variable XX
MI-17 18 20 10 3 240 KM/H 1000 L (50) Variable 25
UH-1H 8 20 3 1 250 KM/H 1000 L (50) Rare (1 per server) XX


Name Capacity Speed Fuel Capacity (Cans) Rarity
Seats Item Weapon Backpack
Fishing Boat 2 400 40 8 42 KM/H 100 L (5) Rare (1 per server)
Small Boat 6 None None None 14 KM/H 100 L (5) Uncommon (2 per server)
PBX 4 None None None 70 KM/H 100 L (5) Rare (1 per server)

Spawn Locations of Vehicles[]

Vehicles can spawn in any number of spawn points, depending on their type. Spawn points are based on the class of vehicle - for instance, heavy trucks like the Ural Civilian and V3S will spawn in the Solnichniy Quarry.

The following is an Incomplete list of confirmed vehicle spawn locations.

Note: GR stands for the Map Coordinates. The first three Numbers are the top/bottom numbers on your map, the last three are the Left/Right numbers of your map.

  • Bus
  • SW of Vybor on the road. GR 037 065
  • Gas Station on the NE side of Chernogorsk
  • Along the road between Balota and Kozlovka
  • Between the Fire Staion and hangars at Northwest Airfield against a totaled car.

  • Military Vehicles

  • Aircraft

  • Boat

  • Tractors

  • Bikes and ATVs
  • Along the road around Vyosky Kamen Mountain
  • On the summit of Pik Koslova Mountain

Vehicle FAQ[]

Are all vehicles repairable?

  • No, only the ones that can be entered. Even vehicles that have recently exploded cannot be repaired.

Can I save items inside backpacks, which are inside vehicles?

  • Any items you store into backpacks and store inside a vehicle will only be saved until the next server restart.

Will my vehicle stay where I left it?

  • Exiting out of a vehicle will save the location.
  • Other people can (and will) take or destroy the vehicle if they find it.
  • If a vehicle is unused, bugged or left, it will respawn after a minimum of 7 days.

Do all the vehicles look like the ones in the pictures?

  • No, they can have many different paint jobs. For example, you can find a Red GAZ with a black interior or a motorcycle with flame decals on it.

Do all vehicles have gear access?

  • Yes, apart from some watercraft and the Old Bike, all vehicles can have gear access. If you cannot find the gear tab on the outside of the vehicle. Jump in back seat, scroll down to gear and select it. This will open the vehicles gear slots. If you can't find the gear slot even when inside the vehicle, switch to driver's seat then back to back seat. This can overcome the issues people have with the buses etc. You may also press "M" and then go to units, gear, you will be able to transfer items to and from your inventory->Vehicle and vise versa.


  • Vehicles are very fragile. Although (depending on the size) you can drive over fences and other objects it is highly recommended to avoid any collision with the environment.
  • While in a vehicle with wheels, or watercraft, you can use three different keys for acceleration. Q is for slower speeds, W lets you go faster, while holding E gets you going as fast as possible. (This does not work with helicopters, as pressing E will possibly send you in a nosedive.
  • When you have spotted a vehicle in a town or an airfield, be careful for it may be a trap.